Optimized for your industry.

OBSERV is a communication monitoring solution that leverage Artificial Intelligence to understand the meaning of the message and find potential violation with a greater accuracy.
OBSERV analyzes your firm communication based on the select and alerts you when potential violation are detected.
OBSERV comes with several modules that includes the most common policies in each industry. Whether you are a Compliance Officer in a regulated firm or an HR manager who wants to gain visibility in employee communication, OBSERV is the solution you are looking for!

OBSERV for Gmail Enterprise.

OBSERV is now fully integrated with Google and it is available directly from Gmail Enterprise Marketplace.

You don’t need complex and expensive integration, you can install OBSERV for Gmail in few clicks.

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One Platform for all your communication channel

We can integrate with most communication channels, including email, social media, instant messages and mobile messaging.

OBSERV display all your communication in a single platform for a better reviewing process.