OBSERV is a communication monitoring tool that enables compliance officers to view, track, and analyze company communication. With built in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, and other mandatory regulations, OBSERV helps track industry or company specific violations with ease. Unlike other tools, OBSERV provides customized policies, a simple user interface, and a powerful A.I. technology. OBSERV is the most efficient way to stay on top of compliance.


Natural Language Processing

OBSERV understands the meaning of text and detects policy violations automatically with higher accuracy than technologies that utilize filters and lexicons.  For example, “Today is a religious holiday.”   A keyword or lexicon technology would flag this communications as potentially being discrimination.  OBSERV’s ability to understanding the context and meaning will not return this as any type of violation.

Seamless Integration & Set Up

OBSERV is designed by industry experts with build-in and pre-trained policies allowing it to begin finding potential violations minutes after installation.  There is no training required or keywords to set up.

Centralized Access in Real Time

OBSERV stays on top of company communications in a unified interface in real time, while capturing all violations in context. For example, when a salesperson sends a message to his or her client,  “Are you going to the Super Bowl this year?” this communication would not be considered a violation. However, if the response received is, “I will get tickets”, OBSERV will identify this communication as a potential violation.

Robust & Instinctive Learning

OBSERV intuitively adapts to user behavior and will not show the same false positive alerts over and over. The functionality improves as you use the solution and ultimately tailors itself to your behavior. For instance, if you mark a potential violation as a non-violation, the system gets smarter regarding that type of message seen as a violation. When you close an issue that means it is not a problem, if you escalate or flag an issue that means it is a problem, whatever you decide the system will learn and improve from this decision automatically and tailor itself based on repeated user action.



OBSERV is compatible with most communication channels, including email, social media, instant messages and mobile messaging. OBSERV displays all your communication in a single platform for an integrated reviewing process.
OBSERV’s context-based Data Analysis Platform understands the meaning of the message and can identify potential problems with very high accuracy.

OBSERV supports more than 30 policies for 

  • Corporate Compliance

  • Financial Compliance

  • Pharmaceutical  & Healthcare Compliance

  • OBSERV’s workflow includes a reviewing process to respond to potential violations.
  • Flag: Mark true violations as flagged so that you can review it further

  • Escalate: Escalate the message to a superior for review

  • Close: If a message is not a violation there is the ability to close it

OBSERV offers all the tools you need to prepare and organize your findings for audits and investigations with cases or reports.

  • Notes: Add notes to cases and to messages as you review them
  • Investigate: Advanced Search, Filter, Entity Search
  • Report: Full Audit Trail, Case Management, Predefined and Custom Reports