A.I. Comes to Data Analysis

ONTOBI is our business intelligence infrastructure, created by software engineers with decades of experience building high performance systems at top global financial firms. We devise methods to analyze and compare previously unstructured data into usable information. Designed with email monitoring in mind, our unique fusion of techniques, proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, and rich databases result in an infrastructure ready to be used by a team of specialists or an entire company.

ONTOBI uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms as well as machine learning methods to deliver unparalleled email monitoring accuracy. Artificial intelligence allows ONTOBI to recognize patterns and analyze data quickly, and machine-learning methods promote exponential improvement in the results.

Data analysis is not always black and white. Comparing data to different domains may yield different results. Consistency is crucial in the modern business landscape, which is why it’s important to find the right domain and data model. Using ONTOBI, we are able to modify the domain to which we are comparing our data. By testing thousands of scenarios, ONTOBI finds the best data model to use and returns the best result possible. ONTOBI rebuilds its models based on the optimum solution, meaning an even quicker and more accurate result in the future.

In addition to email monitoring, ONTOBI is adaptable and versatile across many applications. It is capable of delivering powerful and dynamic computing to a variety of issues, including contextual analysis, intelligent searching, and data categorization.

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Data Analysis Platform API

We are working with a selected group of developers that are leveraging the power of our data analysis platform in their Application.

Our platform offers flexible and powerful data analysis including for any text data:

  •  categorization
  • sentiment analysis
  • Entities extraction
  • and more…
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