OBSERV Discovery

OBSERV Discovery module leverages predictive coding technology to find responsive communication. Whether it is for an internal audit or a Discovery case, OBSERV discovery helps investigate a specific topic and find all the potential violation.

1. Train a few messages

1. Train a few messages

Train a few messages that are responsive to the issue you are investigating.

2. OBSERV finds similar

2. OBSERV finds similar

OBSERV analyzes the messages you trained and find similar communication.

3. Review results

3. Review results

Review the relevant messages discovered by OBSERV and export your results.

Prepare for an audit.


Predictive coding technology

Predictive coding has been used  for a decade in large legal case.

OBSERV bring discovery technology to you as an affordable and flexible SaaS  solutions. OBSERV Discovery helps you to gain visibility into your data, so you can better prepare to an audit or respond to a legal request.

2 flexible implementations

OBSERV Discovery module comes with 2 different implementation options:

  • On-demand: OBSERV Discovery is available as an on demand module for more flexibility and no commitment.
  • Integrated solution: OBSERV Discovery is also available as an add -on to the Monitoring application for a fully integrated solution.

Manage Discovery Cases, Create new categories

After running a Discovery job and investigating a specific problem with the Discovery tool, you can save this case as a new custom category. If you are using the integrated solution with the Monitoring module, this new custom  category will be available in the Monitoring module and catch all the future relevant communication.

More Features

Need a Communication Monitoring Solution ?

OBSERV Monitoring module monitor all the firm communication and find potential violation. OBSERV sends you customizable alerts when a potential violation is detected so you can assess the problem as soon as it arises.

Discovery Features