How it Works

1.  Integrates with all your communication channels

OBSERV is compatible with most communication channels, including email, social media, instant messages and mobile messaging. OBSERV displays all your communication in a single platform for an integrated reviewing process.

2.  Intelligent platform analyzes your communications

OBSERV’s context-based data analysis platform understands the meaning of the message and can identify potential problems with very high accuracy.

3.  Built-in policies are classified instantly

OBSERV supports more than 30 policies for Corporate Compliance, Financial Compliance and Pharma/Healthcare Compliance.

4.  Review potential violations

OBSERV’s workflow includes a review process to respond to potential violations.

  • Flag: Mark true violations as flagged so that you can review it further
  • Escalate: Escalate the message to a superior for review
  • Close: If a message is not a violation there is the ability to close it

5.  Investigations & audit preparedness

OBSERV offers all the tools you need to prepare and organize your findings for audits and investigations with cases or reports.

  • Notes: Add notes to cases and to messages as you review them
  • Investigate: Utilize features such as Advanced Search, Filter, & Entity Search
  • Report: Full Audit Trail, Case Management, Predefined and Custom Reports