How does it work?

1. OBSERV injests all your communication channel

We integrate with most communication channels, including email, social media, instant messages and mobile messaging.

OBSERV displays all your communication in a single platform for a better reviewing process.

2. OBSERV’s intelligent platform analyzes your communication.

Our context-based Data analysis Platform understands the meaning of the message and can classify the messages with very high accuracy.

3. Built-in Policies instantly classified 

Out of the box, OBSERV supports more than 30 policies for the HR monitoring and financial Compliance.

  • Financial Compliance
  • HR – Corporate Monitoring

4. User Reviews Potential Violations

OBSERV offers all the tools you need to review potential violations, investigate issues and organize your finding into cases or reports.

  • Review: Mark a closed, escalated or Flagged, Add a Note…
  • Investigate: Advanced search, Filter, Discovery, Entity search…
  • Report: Full Audit Trail, Case Management, Predefined and custom reports…
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Free Trial

OBSERV is now available in the Google Enterprise Marketplace. The App connects automatically to your Gmail enterprise solution and help you to monitor email and gchat.

You don’t need complex and expensive installation, you can start your free trial in few clicks!

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