Financial Compliance

Financial compliance for broker-dealer firms is as crucial as the trades themselves. Firms must take precautions and establish effective methods to stay compliant with the latest regulations since a bad audit or fine can not only blemish a reputation, but also cost a firm millions of dollars. Having an active communication monitoring solution plays a major role in meeting—and exceeding—the basic compliance requirements established by FINRA and the SEC.

OBSERV for Financial Compliance leverages our expertise in the financial industry, particularly with FINRA and SEC regulations. By significantly reducing false positives, Observ reduces the time spent reviewing non-problematic communications providing more time for evaluating and taking action on the true violations that pose the most risk.

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Built-in Financial Policies

Financial Regulations Covered

  • SEC 17a-4: Electronic Storage of Broker-Dealer Records
  • SEC Regulation S-P: Privacy of Consumer Financial Information
  • NASD 3010: Supervision
  • FINRA 2010: Standards of Commercial Honor and Principles of Trade
  • FINRA 2020: Use of Manipulative, Deceptive or Other Fraudulent Devices
  • FINRA Rule 2210: Communications with the Public
  • FINRA Rule 2120: Commissions, Markups, and Charges
  • FINRA 3130: Annual Certification of Compliance and Supervisory Processes
  • FINRA Rule 3220: Influencing or Rewarding Employees of Others
  • FINRA 3240: Borrowing or Lending From Customers
  • FINRA 3270:Outside Business Activities of Registered Persons
  • FINRA 3310: Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program
  • FINRA 4510: Books, Records and Reports
  • FINRA 4530(a)(1)(B): Reporting Requirements
  • FINRA Rule 5270: Front Running
  • FINRA 2111: Suitability

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