Features and Benefits

Natural Language Processing

OBSERV’s underlying platform understands the meaning and context of the communication unlike technologies that rely solely on filters and lexicons. This enables OBSERV to automatically identify policy violations with a significantly higher accuracy.  For example, “Today is a religious holiday.”   A keyword or lexicon technology would flag this communications as potentially being discrimination.  OBSERV’s ability to understand the context and meaning will not return this as any type of violation.

Seamless Integration & Set Up

OBSERV is designed by industry experts with built-in and pre-trained policies enabling it to find potential violations minutes after installation.  There is no training required or keywords to set up.

Centralized Access in Real Time

OBSERV stays on top of company communications in a unified interface in real time, while capturing all violations in context. For example, when a salesperson sends a message to his or her client,  “Are you going to the Super Bowl this year?” this communication would not be considered a violation. However, if the response received is, “I will get tickets”, OBSERV will identify this communication as a potential violation.

Robust & Instinctive Learning

OBSERV intuitively adapts to user behavior and will not show the same false positive alerts over and over. The technology allows for improved functionality as you use the solution and ultimately tailors itself to the environment based on your behavior. For example, user actions such as marking a potential violation as not an actual violation, will teach the system to not mark similar communications as potential violations in the future. Similarly, closing an issue because it is not a problematic communication, escalating an issue to a superior to review or flagging for further review, all of these actions teach the system and improve its future accuracy and efficiency.

Additional Features

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