About Us

OBSERV was created by a team of innovators at Two Roads Software, a pioneer in the field of data analysis.  Striving to provide companies meaningful insight into the massive amounts of  structured and unstructured data generated each day, Two Roads Software created ONTOBI, a high performance analytics platform.  ONTOBI utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms and natural language processing techniques enabling it to understand context and provide meaningful information regarding your data with high accuracy.  Adaptable and versatile, ONTOBI can be utilized for contextual analysis, intelligent searching, data categorization and an array of other tasks where understanding the meaning of unstructured data is required.

Leveraging this technology, OBSERV was created to address the urgency in corporate compliance relative to the mass amounts of data contained in electronic communication channels.  For example email or chat conversations may contain problematic content that could prove costly to stakeholders if not located and addressed in a timely manner.  Whether your compliance concerns are industry specific, such as in the highly regulated financial service sector, or general compliance concerns, such as risks associated with violations such as harassment or discrimination, or trying to identify as well as deter proprietary information from being shared outside the firm,  OBSERV is your solution. Streamline the process, locate potential violations with superior accuracy, in real-time, and take action in a timely manner to prevent any further costs or damage to your stakeholders.

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