[pullquote align=”right”]The next generation in compliance monitoring debuts 
at the FINRA Conference in Washington, DC. [/pullquote]

The 2014 FINRA Conference brings together securities industry practitioners, compliance executives, and financial industry regulators to exchange ideas on the latest compliance and regulatory topics. This year’s FINRA Conference takes place in Washington, DC, from May 19-21 and showcases significant speakers from across the financial industry. Among those presenters will be the CEO and engineering team of Two Roads Software. The conference marks the debut of TRS’s product OBSERV, which has been hailed as the next generation in compliance monitoring.

OBSERV is an intelligent compliance-supervision application that enables financial executives to view, track, and analyze their firm’s communications. OBSERV distinguishes itself from existing communication monitoring products through its dual implementation of artificial intelligence (which powers its inimitable message classification system) and machine learning (which improves the accuracy of compliance results with every single use). Together these deliver the one-two punch that results in exponential compliance accuracy, fewer false positives, and less time wasted by compliance departments.

OBSERV is an SaaS-based application that fits seamlessly into any size compliance department and is updated routinely to respond to the fast-paced changes in the regulatory landscape. With high-scrutiny audits and high-pressure compliance requirements, firms need a tool that can rise to the challenge.

The Two Roads Software team is available to provide live demos of OBSERV throughout the FINRA Conference. Attendees can meet company representatives at the Two Roads Software booth, or join us at the Two Roads Software lounge in Room No. 8 of the Renaissance Washington, DC, Downtown Hotel. Here, hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be provided to everyone interested in meeting their peers and learning about the pioneering compliance product OBSERV.