What is OBSERV?

OBSERV monitoring provides corporate compliance teams with an effective turn key solution that identifies potential risks within a firm’s electronic communications.   With the ability to understand communication within its context, OBSERV monitors and notifies users in real time of risks based on pre-trained policies. Leveraging our powerful platform, OBSERV provides superior accuracy while also allowing for the flexibility to design additional policies specific to an industry and/or company environment.  

OBSERV protects the stakeholders in your company by effectively reducing risk while also keeping compliance costs down.

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Who Needs OBSERV?

OBSERV for Corporate Compliance

Compliance Manager

“Observ points us directly to the communications that we should be looking at for potential risks. Now we spend more time addressing the real issues rather than just trying to find them!”

OBSERV for Corporate Compliance

  • Policies pre-trained by HR and corporate compliance experts
  • Identification of customer and employee privacy issues
  • Training features that comply with your unique company policies
  • Understanding of atypical language such as chat acronyms

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OBSERV for Financial Compliance 

OBSERV for Financial Compliance

  • Reduction of false positives by up to 75%
  • Pre-trained SEC policies
  • Pre-trained FINRA policies
  • Audit readiness

“Since we started using Observ, our false positives have been reduced dramatically! With increased scrutiny from regulatory agencies Observ is exactly what we needed to be more effective in locating risk and protecting our organization.”

Chief Compliance Officer

OBSERV for Healthcare and Pharma Compliance

Pharmaceutical Sales Director

“Since implementing OBSERV as our communication monitoring tool, we have significantly more time to focus on real potential risks within our organization. With the ever increasing regulations in our industry, this tool could not have been more relevant.”

OBSERV Healthcare and Pharma

  • Policies pre-trained by industry experts
  • Identification of patient privacy violations
  • Understanding of pharma product and medical terminology